Weekly Online Assignments

Step 1: Log in your Qasid Portal

Step 2: Assignment Information

You should see a list of your Qasid classes. Select the class for which you want to upload assignment pictures or recordings (You can attach more than one picture/recording at one time)'

Step 3: Upload, Record or Take a Picture

  • Upload a file or files from your computer or device
  • Record directly from your camera or webcam a video
  • Take a picture or pictures from your camera or webcam

Large Screen View (Desktop/Laptop)

Mobile Screen View (Phone/Tablet)

To record a video on the mobile device, please change the default selection from Camera to Video

Step 4: Send the assignment

The assignment will be emailed to your instructor/s and a copy will be sent to you. If your class has multiple instructors, please write in the note box for whom this is and DO NOT modify the assignment ID

If you need any help, email help@qasid.com

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