Weekly Online Assignments

Step 1: Go to the Link

Step 2: Assignment Information

You should see a list of your Qasid classes and for each you have 2 options:

  • Submit assignment (See step 3 below)
  • View submitted assignments and feedback given

Step 3: Upload, Record or Take a Picture

Select the week number and assignment type and upload your recording or photo as shown below

In the last field (Upload Assignment), click Attach File and you can:

  • Upload a file or files from your computer or device
  • Record directly from your camera or webcam a video
  • Take a picture or pictures from your camera or webcam

Large Screen View (Desktop/Laptop)

Mobile Screen View (Phone/Tablet)

To record a video on the mobile device, please change the default selection from Camera to Video

If you need any help, email help@qasid.com

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