Do I need to apply for a travel visa?

Most students simply get a one-month visa at the airport upon arrival, which is presently priced at 40 JD ($56 US). There is a currency exchange booth at the Amman airport for you to conveniently acquire local dinars. This entry visa is then extended to cover two 3-month periods if need be, for a total of six months. Qasid will assist you with these two visa extensions and you may ask the staff any of your related questions. Whenever you travel outside Jordan, this procedure begins anew.

Such travel is required prior to the expiration of your six-month visa. So if you are staying longer than six months, you will need to take a round-trip journey to another country lasting at least 24 hours. Respecting this deadline is important, for, if you leave any time beyond the six-month anniversary of your arrival date, you will be fined (currently 1.5 JD per day) and possibly have your immigration file flagged.

Keep in mind then, that this travel should also be factored into your budgeting plans. For an overnight, fun filled weekend in Istanbul, Turkey, airfare will likely be around $400 to $600, depending on the season, and then food, hotel, and city transportation costs would be added to that, per your personal tastes. Airfare to Dubai in the Emirates is about the same, while the on-the-ground costs for that affluent Gulf state would likely be notably higher.

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