What should I pack?

Generally speaking, Jordan is not the heaven-for-consumers that the US or the UK are known to be, but it does have a wide selection of goods to purchase. Heavy jackets for the winter, bedding, sheets, towels, and the like can all be purchased here. If, however, there is a Linus amongst you who has a proclivity towards a particular kind of blanket, jacket, etc., then it is best to pack it with you before leaving. We also suggest that you bring a sturdy jacket (windproof, rainproof) that you are comfortable wearing. All of this to say that Jordan can be surprisingly cold for students who are used to efficient central heating. Know that it does snow at times, and houses, which typically have marble or tile floors for cooling in the summer, can be extremely cold. If you are coming for the winter, focus on layering yourself and your bedding. In summer, it can get fairly hot (although not as hot as some parts of the Middle East) and air conditioners are still not common. Usually windows are kept open and a fan is used at night, so bring light cotton clothing for this season.

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