A note to families

One of the most common concerns we’ve seen in our correspondence with couples who apply to Qasid is: “We have children, so how can my wife/husband and I both do the course at the same time?” Generally speaking, we have two class time-tracks during the day, morning and afternoon. There is a good chance that husbands and wives at different levels will be placed in opposite time-slots, thereby making childcare manageable. For scheduling situations where this does not happen – or if mom and dad simply want to take a break – daycare is available through nurseries in the area.

For those with children, it is best to bring any specialty items; though Jordan is well-stocked on general creature-comforts, some of the more uncommon items are marked up quite a bit. Please feel free to email us to inquire about what is/isn’t available.

Jordan in general and West Amman in particular are family-oriented; seeing couples walking along with baby-in-stroller is not an uncommon sight. Days off can be spent in nearby city gardens or walking in family-friendly shopping areas. Hospitals and child care are on the whole excellent (see Safety & Health); a list of pediatricians and other specialists is provided to each student during orientation.

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